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Sweeney Todd Is Back In

There has been a resurgence of late. What began in the boroughs of London and Manchester, the epicentres of emergent fashion, has spread to the high street and beyond; a service steeped in heritage and grounded in distinction has risen once again to the forefront of popular culture. We’re talking, of course, about the cut throat movement.

Once a tradition heavily grounded in local culture and society, before having slowly receding back into the privilege of the elite few during times of recession, the cut throat shave has – like all timeless fashions – come around again. The so-called “new man” has once again embraced careful male grooming, their delicately pruned beards not exclaiming that they got up a bit too late, but rather that they got up early to precisely hone and accentuate their look. In line with this, the affordable cut throat shave has found its way back into salons and barber shops across the nation. Offering a range of auxiliary pre-treatment options and massage services, the cut throat shave looks to be a counter movement to traditionally feminine spa culture, and seeks to reinstate the barber shop experience as a key event in the modern man’s social calendar.

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