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With Great Beards, Comes Great Responsibility

Every group of friends has one. Whether it’s the guys who grab lunch in the office, the university mates you used to share a dingy bedsit with or even the ‘lads’ from the local sports team, there’s always one. There’s always one guy who’s keen to boast, loudly and proudly, that they can grow the biggest beard, the manliest moustache, the most ferocious facial hair – you’ve probably heard them all by now. And if you’re sat here reading this thinking that you don’t know any one like that, guess what? It’s probably you.

The modern gentleman’s beard is a great many things; sometimes it’s an essential part of a distinctive style, more often than we’d like to admit, it’s the product of a wager that we’d like to live down. Beards can and should be fun, we can shape and mould them as we like, and grow them to our heart’s content (well, most of us, anyway); there’s one thing your beard shouldn’t ever be, however, and that’s unkempt. Dear Barber are passionate advocates of the unashamed, full-bodied beard, but we can’t abide the scruffy, poorly maintained look that gives our delicately maintained facial hair a bad press.

So the next time you feel a tinge of beard envy (or you’re boasting about the size of your beard to anyone who does and doesn’t care) remember this; size isn’t everything when it comes to beards. Fashion favours the brave, but it doesn’t favour the reckless; grow out your beard into the biggest, most intricate style you want, embrace the most outlandish facial hairstyles and trends, but do so with care, and maintain your look proudly and precisely.