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Dear Barber Live! 

Catch the Dear Barber team on stage at the upcoming Beaute Selection expo in Nantes, France on Sunday 5th and Monday 6th March. We will be demonstrating on the Main stage on Monday at 1pm.

We will be supporting our local distributor to ensure maximum success from the show! We look forward to seeing as may new faces there, as well as re-connecting with our existing, excellent network of Dear Barber stockists!

Dear Barber Live! 

26th – 27th February in London

Come and see us at the upcoming HJ LIVE show at the Excel in London on stand C10. We will be doing free product demonstrations with our Brand Ambassador The Darryn Pitman on the stand. It would be great to see as many new and existing faces as possible. See you there! Team DB.

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With Great Beards, Comes Great Responsibility

Every group of friends has one. Whether it’s the guys who grab lunch in the office, the university mates you used to share a dingy bedsit with or even the ‘lads’ from the local sports team, there’s always one. There’s always one guy who’s keen to boast, loudly and proudly, that they can grow the biggest beard, the manliest moustache, the most ferocious facial hair – you’ve probably heard them all by now. And if you’re sat here reading this thinking that you don’t know any one like that, guess what? It’s probably you.

The modern gentleman’s beard is a great many things; sometimes it’s an essential part of a distinctive style, more often than we’d like to admit, it’s the product of a wager that we’d like to live down. Beards can and should be fun, we can shape and mould them as we like, and grow them to our heart’s content (well, most of us, anyway); there’s one thing your beard shouldn’t ever be, however, and that’s unkempt. Dear Barber are passionate advocates of the unashamed, full-bodied beard, but we can’t abide the scruffy, poorly maintained look that gives our delicately maintained facial hair a bad press.

So the next time you feel a tinge of beard envy (or you’re boasting about the size of your beard to anyone who does and doesn’t care) remember this; size isn’t everything when it comes to beards. Fashion favours the brave, but it doesn’t favour the reckless; grow out your beard into the biggest, most intricate style you want, embrace the most outlandish facial hairstyles and trends, but do so with care, and maintain your look proudly and precisely.

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The Year of the Beard

In line with an influx of more casual workwear into the office, when tweed fabrics and open-collar shirts replaced three-pieces and wing tippers, 2015 saw male grooming and beards truly find their niche in popular culture and fashion. This movement, of course, was pioneered by key influencers in masculine culture; we saw carefully honed beards on the red carpet at the most prestigious events in film and television, sports icons embraced facial hair both on and off the pitch – even Prince Harry showed us that a well-groomed beard had a place at Buckingham Palace!

Obsessive male grooming made its way back into mainstream fashion when we came to understand one very simple notion; beards don’t have to be scruffy. Whether we sport a closely cropped stubble with precise, measured edges, or a full-bodied beard that has been carefully lacquered and oiled to gleaming perfection, male grooming and styling has now become a steadfast part of our daily routine.  Over 2016, our perception of beards will shift from “lacklustre personal hygiene regime” to “carefully sculpted look”, consolidating their place in fashion, business and commerce.

Ensure your facial hair is getting the care it deserves, and cement your distinctive look with our range of forward-thinking products seasoned with a traditional twist; shop Dear Barber online today.

Pocket Watch Fashion

The mainstream media has long dominated cultural perceptions of what is and isn’t fashionable, and last year was no exception. Rejecting contemporary trends, however, 2015 saw the culmination of a tendency towards period dramas with a distinct aesthetic and clear fashion. This movement, inspired by strong masculine figures in programmes like Mr. Selfridge, Peaky Blinders and Downton Abbey, has come to define the trends that will shape 2016.

The new vintage is certainly back in, with staple items like waistcoats and leather brogues accentuated by accessories like pocket watches and handkerchiefs looking to dominate both casual and professional spheres in 2016. In line with this, the trend towards ostentatious, precisely-honed facial hairstyles looks set to develop even further. Victorian fashion was punctuated by extravagant yet carefully pruned looks (think Jeremy Piven’s titular character in Mr Selfridge), with delicately maintained facial hair demarcating the established or upwardly mobile gentleman. These styles were often cut with bolder, heavier moustaches, a trend that we expect will see a marked rise in the coming seasons.

In 2016, the bold beard is set to be as integral an accessory to your working wardrobe as your cashmere scarves or leather satchels. Ensure your facial hair is accentuating, not detracting from, your personal style with premium hair care products from Dear Barber.